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The Aaron J. Keller Client Promise

Many people have strong opinions about attorneys. Some are positive, and some are not. The Aaron J. Keller Law Office is a client-focused law practice that does things differently in ways that clients are looking for, providing predictability, clarity, peace of mind, and ultimately, positive outcomes. 

Happy Family

Client-Focused Advocacy

The legal profession has some consistent complaints: lawyers are too expensive, clients don't feel informed as to what's happening on their case, and clients often don't know if they got a good outcome. This unfortunately makes many people wonder if hiring an attorney was even worth it. 

The Aaron J. Keller Law Office is dedicated to addressing all of those issues.

Commitment to Every Client
  • Fixed, fair fees. The entire cost - to the penny - is clearly established in a written agreement between both the lawyer and the borrower before representation begins. There are no billable hours, no monthly invoices, and no surprise additional costs. The fee for representation is only earned upon a positive outcome - dismissal or adjudication on the merits - in the borrower's favor. Because the cost of representation is a fraction of the amount for which the borrower is being sued, Attorney Aaron J. Keller tries to minimize both the cost and the risk to the borrower to hire a lawyer and defend against a collection lawsuit.​

  • Clear, consistent communication. All clients receive an update at least weekly on their cases, all inquiries are responded to within 24 hours, and all questions are answered with respect. 

  • Honest, competent, and diligent advocacy. Consumer advocacy is a passion at the Aaron J. Keller Law Office; the mental toll that debt collection can have on people is very real. All clients can expect full commitment to each case and its outcome. 

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